Hide More with Sliding Doors

We often consider sliding doors for a standard bedroom wardrobe or hallway closet, but the uses of sliding doors extend far beyond. With Sliding Door by California Closets, the interior doors are designed to fit perfectly in your space and are custom built in your own selected color and finish. With such flexibility, sliding doors add tremendous opportunity for innovative organization and convenience.

Sliding doors are an ideal solution for hiding laundry in a smaller space; sliding doors make it easy to keep your washer and dryer concealed without the need for a separate laundry room. Our Sliding doors are designed to fit seamlessly into your home so dirty clothes, laundry supplies, and drying racks can easily be tucked way.

In a mudroom or entryway, sliding doors make it simple to quickly toss your jackets and shoes away the minute you walk in the door while our soft-close doors minimize noise so you won’t wake up the kids after a long day at the office.

For the creative types, sliding doors provide roomy storage in hobby rooms or basements, adding space to organize art and craft supplies, wrapping paper, sewing accessories, and more. The built-in door tracks make it easy to pull larger items in and out of the bottom of the closet.

Finally, sliding doors are an excellent solution for family play rooms – the soft-close doors keep toys and games accessible while eliminating little finger accidents.

Discover what you can store in your space with sliding closet doors from Sliding Door by California Closets. Call today to schedule your free consultation in NYC, Hawthorne, and Miami.

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