Turn a studio into a one-bedroom

Turn a studio into a one-bedroom



Many first-time home buyers in New York City are drawn to the affordability and open floor plans of studio apartments. But, a bedroom and a living room sharing the space is often undesirable, and a Murphy bed may not be the right solution.

Without massive renovations, Sliding Door by California Closets allows NYC homeowners to turn their studio into a one-bedroom. Available in a multitude of finishes and styles, sliding doors help define the space and add privacy while also complementing the home’s style and decor. The doors can be installed as a partition to create a single wall or can be installed on both sides to create a completely, closed-off room.

Studio apartments often have very little storage room as well. Sliding doors can also be utilized to transform an existing wall into a storage and entertainment space.

Sliding Door by California Closets custom manufactures every sliding door system, ensuring a perfect fit in your home. Its trained installation team installs the unit directly into the flooring, eliminating any above-ground tracks and resulting in a clean, seamless look.

Discover how to make your studio apartment or open floor plan work better for you by consulting with one of our NYC designers today. Call or visit a showroom to learn more.

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