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Make Closet Room with Athleisure Wear

Use extra space to add a wardrobe

With all eyes on the Olympics, the world joins together to honor talented athletes. While we are not all gold medal champions, the trend toward proactive health and well-being is growing more than ever before and can be seen behind our sliding door closets. Stylish activewear known as athleisure is taking over closets, the runway,…

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Hide More with Sliding Doors

We often consider sliding doors for a standard bedroom wardrobe or hallway closet, but the uses of sliding doors extend far beyond. With Sliding Door by California Closets, the interior doors are designed to fit perfectly in your space and are custom built in your own selected color and finish. With such flexibility, sliding doors…

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Be Beach Ready in Minutes


With the long holiday weekend officially kicking off beach season, many have found their entryways, hall closets, and bathrooms scattered with beach supplies and outdoor gear. Taking time to create a specialized storage area in your home for these items makes it easier to grab and go for the next beach trip while also minimizing…

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Find Quiet with Our Soft-Close Doors


In a busy household, not everyone maintains the same schedule. The early riser wakes before everyone else, the baby falls asleep well before the older kids, and the night owl finishes up chores late night. When keeping a space quiet is necessary to allow others to sleep, consider our soft-close closet sliding doors, helping to…

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Fitting It All In

Extra Storage Space

No matter the size of your home or office, one issue is always common—closet storage! And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, nearly all mothers might agree that the need for storage room only continues to grow as kids get older. Finding storage room for more toys, clothing, sports gear, shoes, coats, and more…

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Store Winter Wear with Ease

Sleek Wardrobe with Aluminum Doors

As the winter months continue forward in NYC, we’re pulling our puffy coats, snow boots, scarves, mittens, and hats in and out of the closet each day. Closet sliding doors that get stuck or jammed, swing doors that simply get in the way, and room to fit everything in can be a daily struggle. Consider a better…

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Back to School


With the kids back in school, backpacks, sports gear, winter coats, and piles of shoes quickly take over entryways and kids’ rooms. Swing doors often get bombarded by items in front of them and remain open, blocking easy access while also showing off all the items inside the closet. Sliding doors solve closet chaos, making…

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Freestanding Closet

As the days turn colder, it’s time to start pulling out the winter sweaters, jackets, and heavy down coats. Often combined with fall cleaning, this wardrobe switchover prompts a deeper look at what you own and your closet space (or lack thereof!). Here’s a few tips to consider to help you manage and edit your…

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Fit Your Style Personality


Modern, traditional, art deco, country, contemporary. Personal design aesthetics range in definition and include a plethora of colors, finishes, patterns, and materials. It’s nearly impossible to define a few designs to fit everyone’s various tastes. That’s why working with Sliding Door by California Closets is an easy choice. With customizable finishes and options, the combinations are nearly unlimited….

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Sliding Door by California Closets not only provides sliding doors for closets, but can also be used as room dividers, especially for master baths. Easily create a separate space without doing costly renovations. As you consider adding a bath to your master bedroom, review a few of our favorite trends expected for this year, according…

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